Digital Book Layout and Files

The book creation process begins when our Account Representative receives your PDF files of cover art and text.  We then review your files and book layout and contact you to discuss any missing elements.

For cover files:

We prefer to receive a single PDF file for the cover.

We offer our spine bulk calculator to assist you in figuring out your cover measurements. Please click here.

For text files:

We prefer one PDF file for text. However, we can accept non-PDF files for text and convert them to PDF files for you at a flat charge of $80.00. Please note, non-PDF files need to be in either Quark Xpress or Adobe InDesign format.

We prefer to receive one PDF file in single page format (no spreads). Pages should be created to your specific trim size or 0.125″ larger than the length and the width of your specific trim size if your project has bleeds. Pages should not contain tick or registration marks.

A spread is the joining of two facing pages that are created to work as a unit in a double-sided document. A bleed is a design element that reaches to the edge of the page. In order to print a bleed, we print on a larger sheet of paper and then trim to the actual size of the book. Tick and registration marks are used for alignment in the printing and binding process.



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