Here are some of the most frequently asked questions from our digital print customers.

Why do I need embedded fonts?

Embedding your fonts ensures that we will be able to see all of your text.

Even though your fonts appear correctly in your PDF on your computer, if the fonts aren’t embedded, we may not see all of your text when we open the files.

One solution is to use a newer version of Adobe InDesign, which can embed fonts simply by making sure the font-embedding featured is enabled.

If the program you use does not embed fonts, we can sometimes embed standard fonts here (if they’re ones we already use), but sending us embedded fonts does make the process more efficient for everybody.

What are margins and bleeds?

Margins: The border around your images or text.

Bleeds: When your text or color goes all the way to the edge of the page.

For more information about setting up your margins and bleeds click here.

Is the page count for digital printing the same as traditional offset printing?

No. We just need the page count to be divisible by two. Maximum and minimum page counts apply.

What does spine bulk mean?

The spine bulk is the thickness of the book’s spine. If you want to calculate your book’s spine, we have a spine bulk calculator to help you.

If you’re stuck, please contact one of our Account Representatives.

Do I need to mail the digital print proofs back to McNaughton & Gunn?

No, but if you have corrections please email one of our Account Representatves.



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